1) Hi Mike, you helped us out with our first home purchase in Felton. We are looking at another property just down the street... I'd love it if you could come look at it and give me some advice. Thanks, JP - Borrower

2) David, Mike is the most prolific HUD Consultant in US and has over 30 years of experience. His job is to look at house and help you create a scope of work cover realistic costs needed to have a successful renovation. TH - Lender

3) Thank You Mike ! As usual your help is so appreciated and the information you provide for issues that are new to me is invaluable. RV - 203k Consultant

4) Mike has been great pleasure to work with. This is the second time we have work with him on a 203k. He has always looked after us and does his best to answer in a timely professional manner. He is detailed oriented, he knows his work really good and always on the customers side to protect us from unscrupulous contractor. I will highly recommend him. GA - Borrower

5) Hi Mike, Just want to let you know, that I closed a full 203k with your program, It is great !! It was a $52k renovation, with architectural plans, and all the trades involved on it;
every time that I do 203k with your program, I gain more experience, and feel more confident to do the next one; this one was complicated at beginning to put together but I was able to close the deal. Anyways thank you for your great program and your support. YG - 203k Consultant

6) Thank you so much mike! You have been a great help through this whole process! We just can't wait to finally move in!! J - Borrower

7) I agree with you 110% Mike! I always recommend using you, I appreciate your time and information Mike. You are the Best! All the Best - George - Lender

8) You did a great job!  Again thank you for being a part of helping us make this happen.  God Bless you Mike! Danielle - Borrower

9) Thanks Mike. You are the best. My decision to do my training through you was the right one. DL - 203k Consultant

10) P... and I are thrilled to be working with you on this process of making (address) our home and feel extremely fortunate to have you on our team. Cheers, D... and P...

11) Mike thank you for your help on 44 (address).  I know that 203K loans are few and far between for me, but I appreciated your help and professionalism.  I hope we can work together in the future. PS - Lender

12) Mike,   Your comment alone makes accomplishing this project a reward enough. You put a lot of time in this as well and I know the (client's name) felt a lot of confidence with you and your company.    I’m just glad after all these years and months for these poor folks , the nightmare comes to an end…lol…they won’t really appreciate it or breath a sigh of relief until that first night, first bbq, or celebration. Thanks again Mike for your confidence in me. Jerry - Contractor

13) Thank you Mike . You're the best.  CR - Contractor

14) Mike, Since I have taken your on line 203k course I just want to let you know how valuable of a tool your book is. I refer back to it many times for clarification and realize how organized and complete your package is. Thanks for helping my business grow as I continue to add new customers, make presentations with confidence and deliver a professional service. Respectfully, RN - 203k Consultant

15) Mike, I just wanted to share with you a conversation I had with the lender I worked with on my first 203k project. She called me to tell me the information I emailed her was the best she had ever seen and was amazed that I even covered a great deal of her own paperwork and reduced the work she typically has to perform. When I explained that it was the first work write-up I had ever done she was totally blown away and told me that I was her go to consultant now. I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a complete and strong system. I have since booked my second consultation and am receiving calls daily to inquire about the 203k program. Respectfully, MW - 203k Consultant

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